Day: March 25, 2024

Success from Multiple Failures;Success from Multiple Failures;

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I’m getting better at glass, but honestly it’s still a pain in the ass. Right now I keep cracking the glass when I go to engrave. I’m going to figure it out and the results get better time after time. I ordered some glass coasters I’m going to try next to see if they are easier to work with than the rotary attachment on my engraving machine. I seem to be having problems with the graphic skewing on the cylindrical work area.

Stainless SteelStainless Steel

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Started playing with stainless steel today. Thought some plant stakes with butter knifes might bet cool… What do you think? I found a color key today which was extremely helpful. Still need to find the balance between the number of passes, speed of the laser and power of the laser per pass… Glass is still a pain in the ass…