Wolf & Butterfly…

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Got a little creative today for a certain someone I’m having dinner with on Saturday… But will she see this before Saturday?

Wolf and butterfly, heart in a sigh;
while chasing dreams, destined to die.
Forms a compass as they migrate;
touching center star as if by fate,
burned by their journey and parched dry.

Rain or shine enthralled by the sky;
awakens both to catcher in the rye.
Running in circles, cannot sedate,
wolf and butterfly.

A flutter of eyes and mournful cry;
kindred souls without a doubt or lie.
In that bonding they don’t hesitate;
though caught in their seasons quite late,
Winter’s touch approaching, won’t deny,
wolf and butterfly.

Wolf and butterfly, more time to buy;
perching soft and asking the wolf why.
“Pause on quest of chasing silver plate;
sleeping in cocoons don’t clean the slate.”
Reply,”I’ll keep you warm if you teach me how to fly.”

~Michael Cranford

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