Day: April 3, 2024


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The black swallowtail butterfly is often associated with transformation, renewal, and personal growth. Its symbolism varies across different cultures and belief systems. In some Native American traditions, the butterfly is seen as a symbol of change and balance. In other cultures, it may represent the soul, endurance, or the concept of resurrection. Overall, the black swallowtail butterfly is often seen as a positive symbol of change and transformation.

To my Swallowtail out there…. I’ll see you on Saturday!

Wolf & Butterfly…Wolf & Butterfly…

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Got a little creative today for a certain someone I’m having dinner with on Saturday… But will she see this before Saturday?

Wolf and butterfly, heart in a sigh;
while chasing dreams, destined to die.
Forms a compass as they migrate;
touching center star as if by fate,
burned by their journey and parched dry.

Rain or shine enthralled by the sky;
awakens both to catcher in the rye.
Running in circles, cannot sedate,
wolf and butterfly.

A flutter of eyes and mournful cry;
kindred souls without a doubt or lie.
In that bonding they don’t hesitate;
though caught in their seasons quite late,
Winter’s touch approaching, won’t deny,
wolf and butterfly.

Wolf and butterfly, more time to buy;
perching soft and asking the wolf why.
“Pause on quest of chasing silver plate;
sleeping in cocoons don’t clean the slate.”
Reply,”I’ll keep you warm if you teach me how to fly.”

~Michael Cranford